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kentucky who was moderate to even liberal. he had opposed goldwater in the republican primaries in 1964. he supported he support , at the same time reagan was being reelected, he saw that conservative ideas could work. the country have moved in a conservative direction. he is an avid reader. as he read columnist and watched phil gramm who he admires and practice -- in practice, and had an effect. host: he ran against another senator, and then a poll cannot join him ahead by nearly 45 - 50 percentage points. late in the campaign came these ads that have often a study by political scientist called hound dogs. >> my job was to find and get him back to work. he was missing big bets on social security, agriculture, and other things. he was making an extra $50,000 and giving speeches. i just missed him. let's go, we have him now. i was close. at this beach in pr. we cannot find him. we need to let him make speeches and switch to match for center. -- to mitch for senator. >> ever since the race has begun he has been missing, but now kentucky is closing in. we will ketchum. -- we will catch him. no
and it will send a creek kentucky. her dog a mixed breed with a noble profile is barely able to keep the ball low the seams intend to do so. her steps are wide and she never stops talking eager to introduce us to the place that she loved so much, the place she is terrified of losing. like a young girl, money is conscious of everybody she points out deer tracks, a single red leaf tucker rating of the summer ground, a blue jay feather that has drifted down she runs her hand over the trunk of an oak and glances up at this guy and comments. this woman is one with the mountain and they know and respect each other in is a parent to not only the way may talks about the mountain but the way she moves up with grace and ease stepping lightly to disturb the least amount of perth possible. even though she also says i cannot get appear as fast as i use to which is hard to believe she is a woman who is used to being in motion a medical professional a fiddler and activist record she moves with the determination her arms, her legs intent on the purpose and her feet on a mission. today she is under way to the hig
store in louisville kentucky hosted this event. it's about 40 minutes. >> i have to wear my sunglasses. i'm sorry. i am not trying to be cool. i just can't see. i want to read about ten minutes from my new book, "something's rising," which i wrote with jason howard, like a lawyer who will read after me. and we spent about two and half years working on this book and it was the most emotionally devastating book i have ever worked on. we traveled all over the region, all over appalachian, met all kinds of people that are not in the book and finally focused on 12 people we've wrote long magazine stuffed and turned over to them and let them do a lot oral history so it was an exercise in capturing people's voices. one of the things we know is being lost in mountaintop removal is the storytelling and people's voices. that is being ground down into the ground the voices of the people so we wanted to make a book that reserved those voices and let the people tell their own story. so, this section on and going to read from is about vana [inaudible] already been active in standing up for the peopl
under john sherman cooper, from kentucky, a moderate even too liberal. he had opposed goldwater in the republican primaries in 1964. he supported president ford over reagan in 1976. he supported bush over reagan in 1980. once he came to washington, at the same time reagan was being reelected, he saw that conservative ideas could work. the country have moved in a conservative direction. he is an avid reader. as he read columnist and watched phil gramm who he admires and practice -- in practice, and had an effect. host: he ran against another senator, and then a poll cannot join him ahead by nearly 45 - 50 percentage points. late in the campaign came these ads that have often a study by political scientist called hound dogs. >> my job was to find and get him back to work. he was missing big bets on social security, agriculture, and other things. he was making an extra $50,000 and giving speeches. i just missed him. let's go, we have him now. i was close. at this beach in pr. we cannot find him. we need to let him make speeches and switch to match for center. -- to mitch for senato
in danger there. a summer storm turned down right frightening in louisville, kentucky. >> i was driving and all of a sudden the water just appeared like i was in a river. i've never been in anything like that in my life. ever. >> by the time the rain finally stopped more than six inches came down in just three hours. >> what we've been able to record this morning is the highest amount of rain that's fallen in this community on record in a one-hour period. >> the library was one of the places hardest hit. 3 1/2 water -- 3 1/2 feet of water damages 10 -- tens of thousands of books. and horses were feverishly moved from the downs. >> one of the girls on the backside hollered. i thought somebody was injured and i run around the backside and the rain just i mean, we never had a chance. >> down the road from the racetrack, nearby streets looked more like rivers. >> two feet from the ceiling. >> what a mess. that storm also caused flooding in parts of western indiana and at one point left more than 24,000 without power. rockville says their speed cam is helping to save lives. the average speed
at a prison in kentucky. check out this video. a short time ago police entered the medium security men's prison southwest of lexington, kentucky. a prison spokeswoman says no injuries are reported and no hostages have been taken. the north point training center has been on lockdown since tuesday when a group of inmates started attacking other inmates. >>> a $25,000 reward is being offered in the manhunt for a reality tv contestant, ryan jenkins. he is charged with the brutal murder of his ex-wife jasmine fiore. police say that the couple stayed at san diego resort last week. two days later her mutilated body was discovered in a trash bin. >> ryan jenkins is an animal what he has done to jasmine is you know speakable. >> jenkins stated on the reality show that he is worth between $1 and 3 million. authorities believe he fled his home country to canada. >>> pressure from the white house to raise the terror level before the 2004 election that is the claim from former homeland security secretary tom ridge. ridge says former defense secretary donald rumsfeld and john ashcroft urged raising
've been driving from atlanta to des moines and we passed through georgia, kentucky, tennessee. illinois, missouri heading into kansas and iowa and we're talking to people usually in places smaller than would normally get media coverage about health care. in the beginning of the week as the debate was really heating up on tv with the town hall meetings we were trying to get a quieter discussion going. there was plenty of disagreement where we went. we ended up in one interesting place in paducah, kentucky, northwestern kentucky just on the illinois border and had a bit of a town hall meeting. one of the women was formerly a congressional candidate. she was a democratic candidate who ran in the last election and lost but had some very, very strong views on health care. here is a bit of a taste of what she told us. >> my husband and i are two of the 47 million plus that don't have health care. i'm not talking insurance. of course we don't have insurance but i want health care. my husband has diabetes and had a bout with cancer. what insurance company is going to cover us? there aren't any.
the prison south of lexington, kentucky. prisoners set fire to buildings before riot police resorted to tear gas to subdue them. sounds straight out of a movie. back in control, moving some of those inmates to nearby facilities. >> right now we're happy to report to you that the facility is secure. the inmates are accounted for. we had minimal injury, which are still being assessed to the inmates and as far as we know right now, minimal, if any, injuries at all to any staff or department of corrections personnel. >>> just before going on vacation, president obama hitting back at health care reform critics saying people who talk about death panels are guilty of outright distortion. >> never been easy to move this nation forward. there are always those who oppose it and those who use fear to block change. but what is always distinguished america is that when all the arguments have been heard and all the concerns have been voiced, and the time comes to do what must be done, we rise above our differences, grasp each others hands and march forward as one nation and one people. some of us democrat
and paintings of kentucky life at the art museum at the university of kentucky. that's your eastern event of the day. >> all right, bill, thanks. now an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. for the first time since the death of his wife natasha richardson, liam neeson walked the red carpet. in it he plays a former irish paramilitary haunted by memories of murder. brad pitt and an lean know jolie brought hollywood to a stand still for the tinseltown premier of "inglourious basterds." jennifer hudson has given birth to her first child, a boy named david. brooks and dunn are calling it quits. simon cowell's new three-year deal with "american idol" with pay him $45 million a year. peewee herman is back at least temporarily. he will be reviving it for a 10-day theater run. that takes me back to the '80 opening statement, peewee's play house. >> we loved his character but maybe not the man so much. a love/hate. >> it will be interesting to see. >>> well, this comes from wnbc new york where one traffic cop is putting a whole new spin on the daily commute. although she said he
sacudido en una turbulencia. el avión desviado al aeropuerto internacional. en kentucky. uno de los heridos fue tras dado en comilla a un hospital cercano. el ejecutivo en el estado de new york está en el centro de una controversia sobre un comentario sobre los hispanos. algunos dicen que se trató de hacer un chiste y nadie serie y y le dijo, menos mal que no eres como el de la cocina de este restaurante, si no te podría deportar. >>> cuando háblame del condado de suffolk es serio, la crisis en cuanta la comunidad latina documentada e indocumentados todos quedamos en lo mismo que bro me e en un contexto tan triste,s es un insulto. >>> aquí mismo murió marcelo lucero. y un grupo de jóvenes blancos encendió la casa de unos jornaleros indocumentados, los hirieron gravemente y causando protestas >>> quiero decir yo que está pensando en alabama en 1950, pero no aquí en new york. >>> en este comunicado dice estamos ante una exageración. la sátira que vemos cada año en la parodia política. y nadie debe creer que los comentarios del funcionario del condado fueron otra cosa que una bur
on sunday and monday with that classic hot and she made weather pattern. >> the kentucky derby is under water tonight. >> also, the u.s. marines is putting a stop to social networking on the job. facebook, myspace, and took care. >> bill clinton goes to north korea and get a pardon for the two american journalists who were imprisoned. the story is coming up next. >> some howard county parents are taking a second look at their back-to-school calendars. i will tell you why for some, b. >> former president bill clinton is in north korea on a surprise trip and he has been successful on his main mission. the north koreans have said they will pardon that two american journalists who were imprisoned. >> the journalists were part in just hours after bill clinton arrived in north korea. the white house will still not call it official. whether a clinton, the secretary of state, has been demanding that north korea released the journalists sentenced by the north koreans in june to 12 years for illegal entry. freeing the two were bill clinton's main mission, but the talks were ride -- were wide- ran
in kentucky. i found her in -- i'll give you a back story. i have found her in may vim, kentucky, and again it's because tears no database of what happened to freed slaves after they're freed, i really had to create my own and i had made all these phone calls a state by state, speaking to black churches and nursing homes and senior centers, and i found her in an e-mail. her neighbor lived in mayfield, kentucky, emailed me and said i have someone you may want to meet. i was in kentucky interviewing someone else and i had been there for two months and i was read difficult to go, but -- ready to go, but again, i felt, so i jokingly said that 10 years, all of my prime years, right. >> her 20's. >> i joke that if i -- in the beginning, i was not willing to give up 10 years, right. it was supposed to last a year and a half, but as i slowly started interviewing people, i realized if i didn't do it, it wouldn't be done, so i again said, ok, i will follow up on the e-mails. so ginny wilson, i met her in mayfield, kentucky and her mother actually was a care key indian. she was -- cherokee indian. her mo
here to formally announce i am running for the u.s. senate as a republican in kentucky. we had made plans to make our announcement, because it had become uncertain if he had -- i think the debt is consumed us, and i see career politicians on both sides, republicans and democrats. look, when we were in charge, we did not do a very good job, and now, the democrats are in charge, and is three times worse. instead of having a career in something else, a career in politics, and what they have to do is get reelected, so what they do is vote for the special interests, and it is a self- perpetuating cycle, and that is what the deficit explodes. neil: your dad is a prominent congressman. and you may be a bigger cheese than he is. your dad has criticized what it takes just to get elected in the system. >> right. neil: you're going to have to raise a lot of money. >> conservative or liberal, when you asked the media or a deep public, "is money corrupting the system," everyone says yes. but it is always, "he has raised this," or, "he has raised that." it is not really the money so much. it is t
the internal warfare within like kentucky and missouri to determine whether they would secede or remain in the union. was that due to antislavery unionism? >> good question. the border states of kentucky and missouri in particular, why did they choose to remain in the union? i mean, i should first say that the guerilla warfare in missouri was extraordinary. there were large numbers of missourians who formed confederate companies. jesse james, who became a cult hero is still a cult hero for many people. i mean, he's a confederate thug in missouri who is defending the confederacy. the main reason that missouri stays in the union -- or one reason -- there are a number of reasons. one is that the politicians are -- understand that they are better protected by staying in the union. slavery is not as quite as central an institution as kentucky as it is in the state of mississippi but it was conflicted and, in fact, a scholar who we see eye-to-eye with in many respects, william frelen most recent wonderful book on the road to disunion officially argues that had secession been by referendum or
a plaque of appreciation from the people of lexington, kentucky. she was on a team that investigated an airplane crash that killed 49 people. >> my husband's family is from lexington, kentucky. and so i had visited there, spent many christmases in lexington. and it was -- it was an accident that meant a lot to me and to the people who were in lexington and involved in it. >> coming up at 6:00, debbie hersman on travel dangers. on metro safety and the car that she drives. wendy, i will see you at 6:00. >> pat collins. thanks, pat. >>> service back to normal on the orange line after a man was hit and killed by a metro train this morning. this happened at the west falls church station. the six-car train was heading towards new carrollton on the orange line. investigators say the man was intentionally standing on the tracks when hit. trains were single tracked for part of the day. full service has resumed. >>> it has been 13 years since alexandria resident bell was murdered. today there was another search for her remains. bell's parents were digging in a wooded area on old fort road in p
national and humidity 79%. we had storms in indiana and kentucky yesterday. this morning the cluster of storms coming to the memphis area, look at that thing dive down. what a mess on i-40 this morning and storms across the better part of tennessee have diminished. kentucky -- kentucky a few showers here and we will watch as this front comes in the warm air mass. it bubbles up this afternoon and as we look at microcast nine we are okay in the early afternoon but the latter part of the day things develop and should be with us through tomorrow, at least in southern maryland. get the seven-day forecast where temperatures will be on the toasty side to say the at least by the second half of the week. not bad through friday, watch for storms today and tonight and serious heat on sunday, monday and tuesday. stepping in with traffic is angie goff. >> that i am. it is wednesday, good morning. wake up, wake up. we will have a great day. we have made it through the middle of the week. begin with 95 northbound live from dale city. no major delays to report at this time. we have an accident inves
into the eastern shore into the mountains in the 60s. a few showers in eastern kentucky. those could make their way our way after the cold front passes through. we have a chance for a passing thundershower. otherwise, warm and humid with highs in the upper 80s am 40% chance for a shower this afternoon. could have a shower this time tomorrow morning and especially south and east of washington during the day tomorrow. otherwise, partly sunny and lower humidity moving in as the day progresses on thursday. highs tomorrow, mid-80s. a look at friday and the weekend in ten minutes. jerry, how is traffic? >>> good morning, everyone. we'll head out to the american legion bridge. the outer loop of the beltway, the work on the outer loop has been wrapped up from the 270 spur down to tyson's corner. lanes are open. elsewhere, headed into the northeast, very quiet along new york avenue, rhode island avenue, nothing to worry about. all the bridges are doing fine so far. barbara and keith, back to you. >>> our time now is 12 minutes after 5:00. the temperature is 74 degrees. still ahead, a miraculous kidney swap
bloodshed behind bars. a violent prison riot breaks out in kentucky got some new information. >>> a pittsburgh area gym club where a gunman killed three women now trying for a new start. >> you got a frig at at that. >> the last weekend of the summer before some students head back to class. coming up the goals and challenges for some school districts. i'm gd barn et cetera. the story is coming up in tonight's eyewitness news school watch report. >> i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. another round of heavy rain begin today. how long will this last? the weather forecast when eyewitness news returns. >>> now complete coverage continues with adam may, meteorologist bernadette woods and sports with stan saunders . >>> we just got some new information on a prison riot in kentucky. four prisoners now remain hospitalized after several buildings were set on fire last night. the damage was so severe that more than half of the 1200 prisoners had to be taken to other facilities. residents who live near that prison say they are being more conscience especially after this riot. >> it make
live from hyannisport this morning. thank you, ann. >>> a police chase in kentucky took a wrong turn for law enforcement. while responding to the pursuit of a suspect on foot, a sheriff in an suv crashed into a metro police officer's squad car. the collision sent the sheriff's suv into a fish store, knocking out the front en trance. both law enforcement officials went to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >>> meanwhile, firefighters in louisiana battled a three-alarm fire which they determined was the result of arson. fire crews fought the blaze at the local arts center for hours. investigators say seven separate fires sparked the inferno. >>> an ohio man brought more than his resume to apply for a job. security cameras outside a school board building captured the man hiding a handgun in a planter. before walking into the government building for a job application, a pedestrian actually claimed seeing the man bury the gun and called police, who then arrested him for carrying a concealed weapon. >>> for one man in illinois, work ethics certainly isn't a question. take a lo
, tennessee, kentucky, illinois, missouri, heading into kansas and iowa. we're talking to people in places smaller than what would get media coverage about health care. as the health care debate was heating up on tv, we were trying to get a quieter discussion going. there was plenty of disagreement where we went. we ended up in an interesting place, northwestern kentucky on the illinois border. we had a bit of a town hall meeting. one was a democratic candidate who ran in the last election and lost. she had very, very strong views on health care. here is a bit of a taste of what she told us. >> well, my husband and i are two of the 47 million plus that don't have health care. i'm not talking insurance. i want health care. my husband had diabetes and a bout with cancer. what insurance company is going to cover us. if i get sick, i'm going to the emergency room. who is that costing? it's costing us, the taxpayers. if they have to tax me more to get health care, tax me. tax me, tax me, tax me. i'm willing to pay. >> reporter: i have to tell you, you can see a larger version of that interview
caused major flooding in kentucky and left a parking lot of churchill downs, home to t kentucky derby, looking more like a marina. the main library anal aetf h f dan hal af feet of standing water. some residents are stranded in their homes and thousands have lost power. >>> president obama celebrated his 48th birthday in washington, d.c. but he didn't party alone. the commander in chief surprised veteran white house reporter helen thomas with a birthday cake. celebrating her 89th birthday, the long-time white house reporter has covered ever president since john f. kennedy. >> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the cl channel forecast. he will be singing happy birthday to the president and to helen thomas. take it away. >> marilyn monroe did it very well. >> we'll leave it to that. >> let's talk about your forecast after today. good morning. that rain in louisville was so impressive. we had four inches in two hours. just too much rain in too short a time. a one in 500 year event there in the louisville area. this morning you
in kentucky and in indiana. >>> plus, run for the hills. wildfire season let's up across the country. first, katie couric has a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >> a new study raises serious questions about a costly back procedure. is it really worth it or could it leave you feeling worse? that's tonight only on the cbs evening news. all prescription nsaid pain relievers, like celebrex, ibuprofen and naproxen, help treat arthritis pain and have some of the same warnings. but since individual results may vary, having options is important. prescription celebrex has been the option for millions of patients for 10 straight years. just one 200-mg celebrex (once a day,) can provide dependable, 24-hour relief for many with arthritis pain, stiffness and inflammation. based on the available data, the fda stated that for certain patients celebrex's benefits outweigh the risks. if you are worried about stomach upset, you should know, in clinical studies, a lower percentage of patients taking celebrex reported stomach discomfort versus prescription ibuprofen and naproxen. and if you are taking lo
, cleanup efforts continue in kentucky after heavy flood two weeks ago. as water damaged is repaired at the kentucky derby museum, staff removed 85 historic trophies from their display cases. the prized possessions were carried with white gloves through the courtyard and into the churill downs vault for safekeeping. >>> meanwhile, in colorado a young entrepreneur is hoping for sweet success. the 8-year-olds his own candy company with a sugary twist with sushi. miles has his own website and 200 orders already in the books. >>> a group in pennsylvania is sifting through famous junk. they are ping through 600 boxes of andy warhol's possessions. the late pop artist carried around the boxes and would send them to himself once they were fall. discoveries include the mundane like chocolate and fan mail to extraordinary finds like drawings, $17,000 in cash, and personal polaroids of the rich and famous. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist todd santos with the weather channel forecast. good morning, todd. thankfully you have more than a polaroid
it. we don't have a choice here. we're not going to have a choice. >> standard policy in kentucky for one fifth the cost you can buy in it new york state or new jersey because it's not gold plate with all the unnecessary stuff. in kentucky you get catastrophic care and basic care for one fifth of the cost. if you bring it across the state lines it would bring down the price dramatically. >> with no statesman date. >> you need to get rid of the government regulations. >> all we have to do is that? >> what convinces that the insurers want competition. they are fat and happy right now running their defective system with their faceless bureaucrats. you talk about having a government system, screening socialism like they can't handle the competition. don't let them compete with the government, they're too efficient. >> and rationing as well, choose your poison, you want a bureaucrat deciding for you to basically cut all your coverage. we have to address this, the real issue is medicare. costs are skyrocketing. it was not built to handle the costs of mris, c.a.t. scans and all the what
tonight after a near takeover in a prison. you're looking at the kentucky, central kentucky prison. inmates rioted and set two buildings on fire last night. several police emergency and fire agencies were around the area arrived on scene to help get that situation under control. no prison guards were hurt. >>> and heavy rains and rising water are causing evacuations in vermont. thunderstorms dropped more than an inch of rain and the past two days people have been closing down shop at several businesses and restaurants, and many homes have also been cleared out. >>> not nearly as bad but we're getting our own rainfall here. >> absolutely. and it's going to be most of the evening and well, not so much near overnight house but until midnight things will be touch and go. definitely on the wet side i'd say. so let's look at what is happening outside. did you see it's very gray, very ominous looking. right now we're at 75 degrees. humidity 94%. wind west at 6 miles an hour. we have watches and warnings galore, pretty much everyone in the state affected. the green, counties in green, that
in the midwest. in fact look at this aerial shot. this is in louisville kentucky where parts of i 65 were actually shut down from heavy torrential rainfall that came down. look at the heavy water that moved into their area. they saw anywhere from 5 to 7 inches of rainfall in a short period of time with very strong thovrments in fact look at the line of strong thunderstorm activity moving through louisville, kentucky. you can see they got pummelled with heavy rain. that's not the only place. folks up in indianapolis gusty winds and to cincinnati and date on, on, ohio and a lot of activity with the system moving in. the bigger picture you can see all the heavy rain that is moving over parts of ohio river valley down into the tennessee valley. most of the energy is south but we are affected by this activity as we get into tomorrow afternoon with potential for thunderstorms. we had a pop up shower and thunderstorms over in harper county moving into cecil county fallen apart. still a chance for slight chance for pop up shower or thunderstorm as we go through the overnight because of all
of storms over the west. violent line of storms pushing through southern illinois, indiana, kentucky and then also portions of western tennessee. this activity is going to continue to push south. for us relatively quiet conditions. we had pop-up showers earlier today. but we can see the temperatures across the area. 81 in baltimore downtown on. 79 in d.c. 79 in hagerstown. and nice warm up tomorrow with the temperatures getting into the lower 90s. but tomorrow afternoon, looking at the thunderstorms firing up across the area. we could get severe weather to watch out for. by mid afternoon. so we keep an eye to the sky. but looks like a break from some of the heat. as we get into thursday. i will have a closer look at it and the weekend outlook coming up in the seven-day forecast in a few moments. >> all right. vytas, thank you. >> despite opposition the governor is throwing his support behind the proposed red line. the new light rail line would link east and west baltimore. canton residents feared the line will disrupt traffic along boston street. but today the governor endorsed it an
. >> thousands are fleeing their homes in kentucky where rainfall is flooding homes and watching out the electricity. torrential downpours dumped up to 6 inches of rain in one hour. the waters were so fast that roadways became rivers in only minutes. some people abandoned their cars to seek shelter when the storms hit. in some parts of louisville, national guard members went from house to house by boat to evacuate residents >> that was a massive thunderstorm. that was a big one, from morning to the afternoon. that is tough luck for them. they have the ice storms in the winter. now they are getting pummeled. >> they need a good year. what about here? it sounds like we might get severe weather this afternoon? >> the best chance would beut llcay,lolly, its engardar vgaiey rain. it won't hurt to have more in some spots. let's start with the time lapse ng up overop pipng up over erick. th6:t a13.m.. a6:13 a.mt .. gnuin to ctiongnuin to from the southwest. a disth femroheusms th femrom e igger mouldor trigger m now. 83 degrees in berwyn heights. the dew points arnett that oppressive right
. a violent prison riot in kentucky. amazing video there. and the healthcare half-truths. today the president sends out a strong message to people who are spreading lies about the reform effort. >>> it's the last weekend of the summer before some students head back to class. coming up, the goals and challenges for some school districts. i'gigi barnett. that's coming up in the eyewitness news school watch report. >>> a riot in a kentucky prison and buildings set fire, trash cans and other items also set fire inside the prison causing the building to catch on fire with huge flames shooting out. the damage was so severe that many of the 1200 prisoners were taken to other facilities. eight inmates were treated for minor injuries along with eight staff members. >>> the fbi now expressing outrage against scotland official for the release of the lockerbie bomber. fbi director robert mueller says it gives comfort to terrorists across the world. the minister responded by saying that his decision was based on compassionate grounds. the bomber was allowed to return to his home in libya after being diag
. but first, the home of the kentucky derby sits underwater tonight. look at these incredible picture of churchill downs partially submerged by flood waters. heavy rains pounded louisville today and the water thoued where to go. police and fire crews rescued several people after their cars got stuck in washed out roads. over three i remember vees rain fell in a matter of hours. >>> well, the debate over supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor ran late into the night on the senate floor. lawmakers lined up to weigh in on sotomayor's qualifications. democrats emphasized her experience while republicans accused her of judicial activism. she's likely to be approved, possibly by thursday. >>> put the phone down and keep your eyes on the road. that's the message from the u.s. secretary of transportation who is calling for a nationwide ban on texting while driving. studies show you are 23 times more likely to get into an accident if you text while you drive. thousands of people use their cell phones when driving, like this driver who was on her cell phone during a recent high- speed chase. exp
massive flooding. we'll take you there. >>> record rainfall in kentucky has forced thousands from their homes and cut off electricity to thousands more. torts are struggling to keep -- authorities are struggling to keep the resulting flood waters from becoming deadly. louisville is hit the hardest. >> reporter: the water rose spoke fast in parts of louisville tuesday, roadways became rivers in minutes. >> i was just driving up the drive and all of a sudden the water just party like i was in a river. i've never seen anything like that my life ever ever. >> reporter: torrential downpours dumped up to six inches of rain in a single hour. flash flooding followed forcing people to abandon their cars at home to seek shelter and forces police to take swift action on those who disobeyed orders. >> we will arrest people who in fact go around those barricades, do not respond to the personnel who are staying there saying don't foe forward. >> reporter: the track at churchill downs a muddy mess. >> our track superintendent who has been here for 42 years, he says he has never seen anything qui
across kentucky and tennessee. tomorrow's weather, this frontal system still out well to the west, it just cleared the chicago area, that will be coming in our direction. that's why we will have a ance of showers and thunderstorms. but that big batch will miss us. 89 in the district. dulles 88. where we have seen it raining, especially across kentucky, temperatures are in the 60s there. but let's go ahead and show you the max hd air quality. i want to talk about the fact that today was a code orange day. we had few of those. unhealthy for sensitive groups, children and seniors, anyone with a respiratory disease, limit the outdoor activity. in the future, we are not expecting one tomorrow, but a great way to help the atmosphere and use mass transit, fuel up the car after dusk and avoid gas power mowers. max hd futurecast shows showers and storms scattered about the area by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. they will be around into wednesday night and maybe the first part of thursday morning before things drift more to the south along with a frontal system. perhaps showers for the beaches in
. >> and in kentucky, overnight storms stranded vehicles and destroyed roads. several bridges were washed away by the high water. overnight storms in southeast kentucky were responsible for the damage. >>> wow. >> that's unbelievable. >> it really is. you were talking yesterday about the power of the water. >> some places got 80 inches. that's two years of rain fall for us. we had a lot of e-mails about the difference between a typhoon and a hurricane. go to our website and check out my blog. >>> all right, as far as we are concerned, we held in the 80s today. vast improvement. here's your forecast first. we are going to stay in the 80s. pretty good chance of showers and thunderstorms at any time tomorrow both morning and afternoon. and then on friday and saturday, we have the chance in, mid 80s on friday. upper 80s on saturday. they will be few and far between. for tonight, scattered showers and thunderstorms. not as muggy, though. winds northeasterly at 5 to 10. here's the big picture. satellite picture, radar combined. heaviest activity is along the coast. why? that's where the frontal b
: mitch mcconnell came of age under john sherman cooper, from kentucky, a moderate even too liberal. he had opposed goldwater in the republican primaries in 1964. he supported president ford over reagan in 1976. he supported bush over reagan in 1980. once he came to washington, at the same time reagan was being reelected, he saw that conservative ideas could work. the country have moved in a conservative direction. he is an avid reader. as he read columnist and watched phil gramm who he admires and practice -- in practice, and had an effect. host: he ran against another senator, and then a poll cannot join him ahead by nearly 45 - 50 percentage points. late in the campaign came these ads that have switch to mitch mcconnell for u.s. senate. host: those were from 1984. kentucky was a democratic state. guest: yes, at that time it was very democratic. the brain behind the production of those went on to found fox news, but who had worked as a campaign consultant. senator mitch mcconnell had asked one of his aides to go with the incumbents voting record in his attendance record. they found th
expose all of the lies? here is dr. rand paul, chairman of the kentucky taxpayers united. hello, rand. how are you? >> good to be with you, glenn. glenn: good to be with you. i had you on the radio show last week. >> yes. glenn: when you announced and i spent about 20 minutes -- you're running for senator in kentucky. >> in kentucky, yes, for the u.s. senate. glenn: right. i have to tell you, you may be one of the only politicians that i shut off the microphone and went i think i agree with him, and i strangely trust him, so either my gut has gone all crazy or maybe you're the real deal. it's good to talk to you. >> it's funny. on the way home, i was reading a little book called "common sense" on the plane, and i thought it sounded like something i might have written. glenn: oh, stop it, rand! i would like you to come on the show at some point and talk, because you are not your father. i don't mean that as a slam to your father, but you have different views from your father and i would like to explore some of those, but anyway, tell me about -- am i wrong in saying, without any inflam
in kentucky there. immediate security lockup. just south of lexington. officials say prisoners set fires to the building. the riot police threw tear gas. officials say they're back into control and prisoners were taken to other facilities while they investigate what sparked this disturban disturbance. >> right noi we're happy to report that you that the facility is secure, the inmates are accounted for, minimal injury, still being assessed, to the inmates and as far as we know right now, minimal, if any, injuries at all to any staff or department of corrections personnel. >>> well, president obama is hitting back at health care reform critics today saying people who talk about death panels and mandatory public coverage of guilty of outright distortion. >> never been easy moving this nation forward. there are always those who oppose it, and those who use fear to block change. but what has always distinguished america is that when all the arguments have been heard and all the concerns have been voiced and the time comes to do what must be done, we rise above our differences. we grasp each
, i tell you. what the storm system that came through the ohio valley, through louisville, kentucky, basically shut the town down. they had so much rain so fast that portions of downtown louisville basically had to stop. they had 6-inches of water running in the room. you'll see it on the satellite picture in just a second. let's take a look outside right now. show you what is going on in downtown baltimore. some folks getting a nice little sail out the inner harbor right now. our temperature at bwi 87 degrees. 48% humidity. wind from the southwest at 7. and the pressure falling 29.91. there are your tides tomorrow at fort mchenry. 7:13 in the morning. 2:13 in the afternoon. the winds from the west at 8 to 14 miles per hour 2. sun comes up at 6:10. 87 in hagerstown. over in ocean city, it's 87 degrees. and easton right now 86. 84 in the pax river area. our satellite picture throughout the day, lots of sunshine. lots of humidity across the region, giving rise to some shower and thunderstorm activity. a shower right there. also some more back here in western maryland, stretching down
they're dealing with devastating flooding in kentucky after record rainfall. nine inches, including a half a foot in just an hour. it left much of louisville under water, and countless drivers stuck fender-deep. >> i was just driving up princeton drive, and all of the sudden the water just appeared like i was in a river. i've never been in anything like that in my life ever, ever. >> flooding also shut down the university of louisville campus and destroyed thousands of books at the city library. even the horses at churchill downs had to be evacuated. tens of thousands have been left without power. >>> and around our region, no precipitation right now. we had a light shower that made its way up 95 earlier this afternoon. but that has now gone. the green return you see on the eastern shore and southern maryland is not shower activity. it's the heat of the day radiating back out into space. maryland's most powerful radar is so powerful, it's picking up the difference in the air density. here is your forecast for the overnight period tonight. mostly clear, humid, 70 degrees. tomorrow we
looking at this mess. what is that? >> louisville, kentucky. >> churchill downs. do you believe that? a little added flawfort. look at this, the horse trainers have been working double time to get the horses to dry land. nearby neighborhoods are looking like rivers here. >> it hit like a monsoon. one of the girls on the back side hollered, i thought somebody was injured from a horse. i run around the back side and the rain just come -- i mean, we never had a chance. it flowed in like the atlantic ocean. >> my friends came over with a boat and they all got in it. it made the day fun. we don't have power. >> turning a messy situation into a positive. that is in kentucky. >>> justin, also at -- at churchill downs, the preakness winner will be named after a wine now. >> really? >> got some water i guess. we actually -- that doesn't work the mix -- they had six inches of rain in a very short period of time to produce that flooding. half a foot of rain. in louisville, kentucky. today, i want to point out one thing. number one, we belong at 65 in the morning, 87 in the afternoon. th
that has continued to move through kentucky. look at the other batch there around parts of southern illinois right now. this is moving into tennessee. it's continued to hold together and on the west side, more of these clusters of storms. look at how much rain. this is louisville, kentucky. just today, five inches of rain and most of that came between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. this is what it looked like. they're still under flood warnings. that's not the way you want to find your car when you go out all because of a torrential rain. three inches in just one hour. as a matter of fact, churchill downs was under water. here's what's going on around the rest of the world. the tropics are beginning to heat up a little bit you now into the pacific. there are two tropical storms and also other storms out in the western part of the pacific. as a matter of fact, there was a storm that just moved in to china around hong kong with winds of 45 miles an hour. loni. and out in the atlantic, though, not much anything going on. there is a tropical wave way out in the atlantic, but that's about
-security facility in kentucky where a riot broke out. we're told that the guards do have control of that facility now, but inmates reportedly set these fires to several buildings and shattered windows. a short time ago we heard from a lieutenant with the kentucky state police with an update on the situation. >> by the fact that we are saying that the facility is secured. that would tell me that they do have things under control and some of that stuff has calmed down. is it possible stuff is going on? it's possible, but i do feel confident telling you if it's secured we feel reasonable to say that everything has calmed down. >> according to officials there, this all started after the prison was really in lockdown since tuesday after a fight had broken out. they tried to lift that lockdown. that's when all of this melee broke out. again, it sounds like they are starting to get control of the prison again. have a live report from outside the prison coming your way. >>> a foreign bank will take over the latest u.s. bank to fail. this is the first time that that has happened. dbva compass out of spain
a kentucky democrat how health care is being reformed. you filter me at home i'm pretty much the same as i am in a plastic bottle? except that you'll save, like, $600 bucks a year. but other than that, we're pretty much the same. pur. good, clean water. home run! (announcer) he's sweet. even with one third less sugar than soda. kool-aid. delivering more smiles per gallon. >>> one apparent success of the obama's administration to pull the country out of the recession is the cash for clunkers program which gives consumers up to $4500 in credit to trade in old cars for more fuel efficient ones. it's become so popular that the $1 billion set up for it was used in the first week of the program. on friday the hos passed a bill authorizing $2 million more for the program. now they are passing a bill and senator boxer is the chairman of the new novel "blind trust." your new novel is about a california senator, of all things, is r who is running a confirmation hearing and getting into serious intrigue. >> well, people want a good story. you know, how the staff relates and i think they are going to lea
leader of the investigation, here in the u.s. >> a present inferno. fire consumes a kentucky prison in the midst of a massive riots. now investigators want to know how the prison descended into chaos. >> plus a victim of its own success. as the cash for clunkers program speeds to its monday cut off, folks across the country are racing to the dealer hoping for a last minute bargain. but some are finding out it's already too late. >> julie: a "fox news" whether alerts. the first atlantic hurricane of the season for the off the east coast tonight churning up rough seas and recurrence. hurricane bill will likely not make landfall here in the u.s. but it is still packing or the forceful winds reaching up to 85 mph. it is ruining one of the last vacation weekends of the summer. one of the states being hit forces of massachusetts. resident obama is traveling there tomorrow with his family. the obama specification on barthes vineyard. so far the white house has not said whether the hurricanes will affect their plans. our dominica davis follows the story for us and she joins us from the fox
last night at a kentucky prison. inmates were throwing rocks and setting fires. it took guards two hours to regain control there. fortunately, though, no serious injuries. well, did the bombers get help from iraqi security forces? iraq's foreign minister said some security officers may have helped the terror attacks that killed 100 people this week. he says an investigation has started and collaborators will be held responsible. we'll get another check of our top stories in 20 minutes. if you ever have been dining and can't believe your eyes -- let's go back. if you've ever been diving, water diving and new underwater camera mask let's you record your picture. perfect adventure. one suggestion is to make your shipping more efficient with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. call or go online for a free supply and up to $160 in offers from authorized postage vendors. shipping's a hassle! weighing every box... actually, with flat rate boxes you don't need to weigh anything under 70 pounds. if it fits, it ships for a low flat rate. ok, but i ship all over the country
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